Wholemeal C2C

“Wholemeal” (Done in WHOLE) + “C2C” (Contract to Close) =

“Done in WHOLE Contract to Close”

Which means (In Barry-speak) that it’s not

“Piecemeal” (Done in Random Parts) + “C2C” (Contract to close) =

“Recipe for disaster”

The Contract to Close phase of every real estate transaction can make or break the dreams and aspirations of all parties involved.

Why would ANYONE take this part of the process with anything but utmost gravity?

It’s beyond me why there wouldn’t be FULL attention every step of the way because this IS where the rubber hits the road . . . and it ain’t going to do this all by itself.

“Piecemeal” approaches create one panic after another. Inattention to details creates drama every time a deadline approaches.

Why not adopt a “Wholoemeal” approach and wrap things up in nice bundles comfortably ahead of the deadline?

So . . . Instead of dispatching an inspection report one day . . . Termite report next day . . . Radon report 2 days later . . . with the Inspection contingency lagging along a few days later.

This drags what could be a 3 day process into a 7 day drama infused circus.

Why not have the presence of mind to have all of the inspections done at the same time, gather the reports, and submit ALL of it in one nice presentation along with the release.

There’s no such thing as “Too Busy” to do this right.

I think this can be taught.

I’m not a believer that some people don’t care . . . or that they are lazy.

Just a wee bit of effective training, and PRESTO!

Wholemeal . . .

Thursday the 25th, I’m going to reserve a conference room and open some space for any real estate sales professional who has a passion for learning a wholemeal way of C2C . . . We’ll start @ 10 and end when it’s over, and I’ll make sure there’s something yummy to eat.

Let me know if you’re coming, so we can be prepared.




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