Who Ya Gonna Call?

When you’re feeling “Out-Performed,” where’s your Escape Hatch?

Who’s there to bail you out when you find yourself under water, overwhelmed, and rendered relatively befuddled and useless?

I know I Know . . . You can SEE what you want to accomplish . . . Your Vision is CLEAR, but you have a problem . . .

You don’t know how to get THERE from HERE!

So . . . you have choices!

  1. DIY – Do it yourself! This one is for the REAL Renaissance Men and Women who take great relish in resorting to Google and other research avenues to learn anything and EVERYTHING about doing this . . . and then resolutely charging forth with reckless abandon with full acceptance of all of the probable trials and errors along the way. Odds are decent you’ll injure yourself in one way or another (Physically, financially, mentally, emotionally . . .  and may even damage a relationship or 2)
  2. Call a friend! This is an enhanced version of DIY. We all have friends who seem to know things like this, but aren’t professionals. Our “Great Idea” is that we can buy a pizza and a 6 pack of beer and lure our friend into the house to do this for us for FREE. Ah yes . . . How wonderful will THAT be? We’ll save a LOT of money . . . maybe . . . We do get what we pay for . . .  odds are really good you’ll be moving on the 3rd option shortly to undo whatever your friend did and actually FIX the thing.
  3.  Hire an EXPERT! This is someone who will actually CHARGE you money to do this thing RIGHT the FIRST TIME (After unscrambling the mess you created as you worked through the first 2 choices). The best part about this option is that you get to sit on the couch eating bon-bons and watching with fascination as the problem seems to be fixed effortlessly. Of course after the expert leaves, you will hit yourself in the head and say: “I could have done THAT!”

But . . . you COULDN’T do THAT without learning a whole new trade.

Why not stick with what YOU know to do and focus on doing more of THAT and less of the stuff you DON’T know?

The cost of hiring a professional more than justifies itself once you’ve tried doing it yourself . . . EVERY time!

Some “Things” that might be applicable:

  • Fixing your leaky toilet
  • Changing the oil in your car
  • Psycho-analyzing a friend
  • Building furniture
  • Building an addition on the House
  • Developing and implementing an effective Social Media Strategy
  • Buying or Selling a House.

I had to learn this lesson AGAIN this week.

A few weeks ago, Pareto Realty signed on to be THE sole Real Estate Firm Sponsor for Nashville’s Premiere FREE Music Festival Live on the Green.

When we committed to doing this, we were literally euphoric about the possibilities . . . the ways this sponsorship could really help us propel our little known, niche firm to a new level of real estate firm brand presence in Middle Tennessee.

Then . . . I woke up and smelled the coffee (With a LOT of thanks to my very smart marketing-oriented wife Debbie).

How could we “OPTIMIZE” this opportunity for Pareto Realty?

For a couple of weeks I was along the DIY track – throwing things out on Social Media and thinking of ways we could make OUR “Tent” THE place for Festival goers to visit and hang out.

As the vision became clearer, I soon realized that I am not “equipped” . . . nor do I have the time to DIM (Do it Myself) . . . and PANIC/Overwhelm began to set in.

Debbie rode in on her shining horse with 3 experts:

Carpe Diem ManagementNancy VanReece – It can’t hurt to start with a “Strategist” – “Online Reputation Management strategies include guidelines and recommendations for a specific business to use social media to accomplish specific goals.

Parachute Media – Ryan Carter – “WE GROW YOUR PRESENCE We send in a team to complete a mission, one specific task, of growing a brand’s online presence through social media marketing.”

Proforma Printelligence – Kimble Bosworth – Because they are: “A Marketing Agency without any agency fees. An Addition to Your Staff without being an addition to your payroll. A Business Process Outsource Resource you can trust

This is going to be EXPENSIVE and WORTH IT!

Watch us grow in the coming few months right before your very eyes . . .

and . . . If YOUR vision includes Buying or Selling a house, I and our team of Local Nashville Real Estate Sales Professionals are poised and ready to be YOUR Experts.


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