Who is your Favorite Nashville Mayoral Candidate? Why?

It’s been said that Karl Dean will be a hard act to follow.

I agree but not necessarily for all the same reasons as some others.

For sure, Mayor Dean accomplished a LOT during his tenure as Mayor, and he’s leaving a LOT of messes for the next Mayor to clean up.

As much as some folks may want to give Karl Dean the lion’s share of the credit for Nashville’s stellar recovery from the smoldering mess that was the “Economic Downturn” of the end of the last decade, I’m not going to be that generous. He didn’t do this alone. Just as the down-turn was a “perfect storm” for economic turmoil and destruction, an equally “Perfect Storm” has since played out for recovery.

Once Nashville turned the corner, it’s been “pedal to the metal” for the past few years.

The growth and development is staggering.

Not a day Passes when we don’t hear of Nashville ranking at the top in SO many categories . . . Like this one:

Report: New home sales in Nashville are growing faster than anywhere else in the U.S.

“The growth in new home sales can be attributed to the swelling population in the Nashville region, which has grown nearly 13 percent since 2000, according to the U.S. Census Bureau’s 2013 five-year American Community Survey.”

One might think that, given all of this HURRAH, the next Mayor will be climbing on board to be the new driver of an unstoppable vehicle with so much momentum that he/she can sit back and enjoy the ride that Karl Dean “created.”

Some CRITICAL issues remain relatively “ignored.”

These issues are MAJOR forces for the next Mayor to reckon with.

This new Mayor is applying for a job that will require running a veritable gauntlet of new initiatives some of which could single-handedly derail the progress and result in in spiraling down vortex.

Don’t forget the HUGE sum of money spent on many of the projects completed and under way by Karl Dean . . . Nashville owes a LOT of money, and each of these new initiatives will require the next Mayor to do some unpopular “fundraising” for projects that some folks might argue far outweigh the importance of many of the projects launched in the past 5 years.

Before you dismiss me as being a Draconian “Doom and Gloom” naysayer, consider the top 10 lists upon which Nashville does NOT reside.

How will the Next Mayor reconcile these top 5 issues?

  1. Education
  2. Mass Transit
  3. Affordable Housing
  4. Homelessness
  5. Community Safety

Do your own research and chime in with any other HOT shortcomings our next Mayor MUST tackle.

If the next Mayor wins the election based on popularity and not on having what it takes to make significant progress with these 5 issues NOW, Nashville’s future will likely be much less bright than today’s dreamers are envisioning.

I heard Mayor Dean talk a LOT about “Schools, Mass Transit, Public Safety, and affordable housing” in the past several years as being “Top Priority” . . . yet my opinion was that they weren’t for him . . . perhaps because they weren’t glitzy enough.

I guess we could continue along this course of sending all of our children to private schools or move all families with children out of the county for education.

Nashville will then rise to the top of the “DINK city” list

DINK = Dual Income No Kids

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