Who is this “Mr Mcguire” guy?

Don’t you love it when you need something done . . . or when something has gone awry, and the person you are dealing with has no power or responsibility whatsoever.

This person “serving” you is as helpless as you are and could just as well be a manikin.

“We can’t do it that way because Mr. Mcguire doesn’t allow that.”

“Mr. McGuire says we cannot EVER give refunds for ANY reason.”

“OH! You want what? Mr. McGuire will have to approve that.”

“Sorry! You’ll have to wait because Mr. McGuire isn’t here now.”

Sometimes I wonder if there really IS a “Mr. McGuire” or if he is an imaginary super-power who controls EVERYTHING and EVERYBODY and thereby absolves them of ALL responsibility and independent thought.

Mr. McGuire is the Ninja boss . . . Invisible, yet has an iron-fisted dictatorship.

or maybe he’s this meek little guy who has all the money and hides in the back room . . . Do as he says or you’ll not get what you want (paid).

or maybe he’s not real at all . . . nothing more than a scapegoat to enable laziness.

Most organizations have a few Mr. McGuires who all hold supreme power.

This would be fine and dandy except for the simple truth that usually the only person harmed is the CUSTOMER (Client).

If you know who your Mr. McGuires are (Real or imagined), FIRE THEM NOW!

They’re killing your business,

As I work with clients through the process of buying and/or selling a home, I encounter many Mr. McGuires. A little known factoid is that an average of 42 people are involved in the coordination of a SINGLE real estate transaction.

One Mr. McGuire can derail a deal faster than anything.

I’ve adopted a zero tolerance “Abdication Policy” for Mr. McGuires in the interest of keeping the flow of the transaction moving FORWARD.

This doesn’t always make me the most popular person, but it does command one thing:

That the client be served well 🙂


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