Who are you and where are you going?

So . . .

Do you know?

Who are you?

What are your roles in life?

Where are you going?

What are your goals . . . your purpose?

This course is NOT just for REALTORS – It’s applicable to ANY life and career 🙂

These are the kinds of questions we asked in today’s “Life Rhythm Workshop Intro” session.

Throughout the next 2 weeks, we will (to the best of our ability)  answer these questions, and reconvene on Thursday November 1 for our first session “Roles and Goals” where we will dial in to a tighter definition of who we are (our roles) and where we are going (our goals).

We are doing this because we want to achieve a very high level of personal performance in life through orchestrating our own personal rhythm . . . and we know that unless this “change” starts on the inside, it’s likelihood of manifesting long term is slim.

You can join us for this 6 week workshop as long as you opt in (and pay $50) before November 1 – The door closes with 15 registrants.

Below is a taste of what these six (or so) weeks will be . .

Life Rhythm Workshop

Thank you for sticking your neck out and taking time out of your raplex (rapid and complex) life to work on yourself in the coming weeks.

I know that you are investing in many ways by participating in this workshop

–         Money – The entrance fee ($50) and the Opportunity cost of being here

–         Time – What else could you be doing rather than being here?

–         Energy – Does this “Working on your self” energize you?

There are 7 Sessions in this workshop with a minimum of one week between sessions. This is an “on-purpose” frequency with the intent for you to develop a habit of working on yourself. Each session will give you new “Projects” all of which will ultimately create a high performing tapestry of YOU – An orchestra YOU are conducting.

You create your own Rhythm . . .

10/17   Launch SessionWhat is Life Rhythm? (we just did this)

11/1     Roles and Goals – Who are you and What do you want? Where are you going?

11/8     Budgeting – How will you use your resources? (Time, Energy, Money)

11/15   In Biz – How will you generate the income to fund all of the above?

11/29   On Biz – How will you leverage your resources for optimal performance?

12/6     Self – Tending to Self-organization and preservation

12/13   Accountability – Achieving Consistent Persistence

You will get the most out of this workshop by attending ALL of the sessions and by DOING YOUR HOMEWORK EVERY DAY.

Oh!  Did I say HOMEWORK?

Don’t worry!  It’s not difficult “salesy” stuff (Like cold-calling and door knocking).

Remember . . . All significant change begins on the inside and works its way out, so that’s where we’re going to start . . . on the inside.

I’m looking forward to taking this journey with you, please offer any constructive feedback along the way.

So . . . If you want one of the chairs in the room, contact me QUICKLY.

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