While visions of Database danced in their heads

Tis the Season to be thinking about lots of things!

We have parties to attend and host which means NOW might be the BEST time of the year also to be thinking about cleaning up our databases.

Does it drive you CRAZY every year when you’re sitting down to address Christmas Cards, and it dawns on you that you haven’t up-dated all of your contacts’ addresses?

After all, REALTORS are in the business of helping people MOVE, so odds are good many of your intended recipients of cards and invitations MOVED this year.

So . . . Why not clean it all up NOW?

While you’re at it, follow Gary Keller’s advice and develop some new habits to carry with you through 2015 and beyond.

As I have coached agents through the years, I have been accustomed to drawing the image below.

The key is to develop a daily routine of building & feeding your database followed by consistent and persistent  communication with everyone in it . . . and of course, IMPECCABLY serving any and all leads that come from it.

So – We’ve each got our own funnel (AKA “Sphere of Influence”)

In some way, shape, or form, we have MET everyone IN the funnel during our lives of rambling around on this planet.

Most folks’ funnels are just PACKED with people with little, if any, attention paid to any form of strategy.

Every so often, a person will pop out of the bottom of the funnel in the form of a LEAD for our business,

If you leave your funnel “raw” and unfiltered, you’re relegating your business success to chance.

Don’t do this!

Here’s the plan!

Everyone NOT in the funnel are people you’ve never met.

Your mission (Should you choose to accept it) is to create a steady flow of these strangers into your funnel through a masterful Marketing strategy of attraction. Of course, this should be easy for your charismatic self, right? It only really requires you to be your authentic self and to STAND for THAT . . . You’ll attract the right people. (The specifics of Marketing to strangers is beyond the scope of this post :-))

Once a person enters your funnel, your job is to figure out how valuable that person is for your business.

Will that person buy and sell with you?

Will she refer Family, friends, and work associates to you?

Is she a great networker?

Treat every person commensurately with the ITB (Importance to Business) factor.

Your long range goal is to create a POSITIVE flow of people all the way through your funnel such that an ample flow of business shows up.

This won’t happen consistently until you “get” the importance of Building, Feeding, Communicating with, and serving impeccably your Sphere of Influence.

I doodled a bit about all this below . . .

do this, and I think your 2015 will be STRONG!


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