Where’s your safe place?

Just in case . . .

  • Tornadoes are forecast by the meteorologists
  • The Zombie apocalypse emerges
  • The power grid (the whole darn thing) goes down
  • Bad guys break into your house
  • There’s a fugitive loose in your neighborhood
  • You’re completely overwhelmed by the myriad challenges you are facing in your Personal and/or Professional life

Where’s your safe place?

Do you have an escape hatch that takes you to a safe place where you can rest and gather yourself and assess all that’s going on such that you can rise above the din and act appropriately?

Most folks don’t have this safe place and, instead, fold or muddle through . . . neither of which serve us well.

My GrandFather Rt Rev Albert A. Chambers was an Episcopalian Bishop in Springfield, IL. This honorable man was “THAT” guy who I have always honored and respected.

He was fun, and cool, and wise, and I learned SO much from him about treating people right and standing up for what mattered to him even if not the “popular” position.

His house was magnificent – REALLY Magnificent with so many secret passages and nooks and crannies!

I have so many memories of details of that house, and the one that is most clear is that GrandFather created his own safe on the other side of a very non-descript door in the upstairs hall. Anyone walking in that hall would dismiss that door as being a Linen or vacuum cleaner closet.

On the other side of that door was a veritable cocoon of sanctity . . . a place for solitude, safety, worship . . . complete with an altar and kneeling bench for 2 people (although I never saw anyone other than only GrandFather there).

GrandFather spent time in that chapel every day – First thing in the Morning – Last thing in the evening . . . and occasionally mid-day as needed.

I asked what he does when he goes in there . . . He told me that was his safe place to be alone with God!

I sometimes wonder how much kinder and gentler the world would be if more people were to have a similar safe space for personal retreat?

End of September, Pareto Realty is moving to a new Office Location. It’s a great space with a few “Awkward” small rooms – Bigger than closet but not large enough to be anything else . . .

As I was thinking about the design for our best use, it dawned on me that these 2 spaces could be fabulous safe spaces for our agents . . . Places to go when solitude is needed.

My guess is that these 2 rooms will have LOTS of use and will be incubators for many stories of successes rising from sheer mayhem.

If only those walls could talk, can you imagine the stories they’d tell a few years from now?

So . . . Where’s YOUR safe place?



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