Where’s the escape hatch?

Monday Morning Coffee – Tuesday Edition

Is it enough to know where that hatch is?

Do you know how to open it?


Most sales people choose not to talk about how the customer goes about cancelling their new “relationship” in the event it’s not the brilliant, game changing experienced for which they think they signed up.

The savvy one’s amongst us ask tough questions up front:

  • What’s the commitment?
  • If/When I decide to cancel, how do I do so?
  • Will there be a penalty?
  • When I cancel, will you try to “win my business back” by offering a “significant discount”? (If so, let’s save some time and game playing . . . How’bout you give me that discounted price now . . . just in case . . . )

I’ve found that most folks who enter “relationships” of any kind and ask these kinds of questions aren’t (yet) committed to the purchase.

These people are focusing on an exit strategy before they’re married.

For me, this boils down to trust.

Choosing to do business with people we trust is a better strategy.

Exit strategies fade in the bright light of trust and leadership.

Yes . . . “Salespeople” can be Leaders – Trusted advisers guide customers to smart choices.

Authenticity – Integrity – Grit – Win Win – Knowledge and even wisdom create conditions that are safe for the customer.

We service folks know that our primary function is to educate, advise, and execute a smooth process such that the customers can focus on the things that are most important . . . making informed decisions that solve whatever issue is at hand.

Most (not all) REALTORS “get” this at a high level. Our reputation/livelihood is at stake as we guide clients through the important complex transaction(s) of making a move.

Here’s my advice . . . Choose your REALTOR carefully. Be certain that you’ve decided to make this move and do some serious heart thinking to be clear about your intentions and desires . . . and THEN find a REALTOR who specializes in serving YOU within YOUR niche.

In this world of omniscient internet proliferation, please don’t ever forget the 3 most important words and 1 “mandate” in every real estate transaction.



What is the lifestyle transition you wish to make with this move?

I and “The Vital Few” Real Estate Sales Professionals of Pareto Realty “get” these principles at a very high level and “practice to excel” each and every day because we know that as each of us succeeds through serving our clients quintessentially, we ALL succeed.

If you’re contemplating a move, the best time to get the process started is NOW . . . The first step is a “listening consultation” with your favorite Vital Few member.

If you are a REALTOR who is contemplating a move, I’m eager to meet with you to learn more about intentions and desires relative to your career – Connect with me barry@ParetoRealtyLLC.com

Let’s GO!

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