Where does the money go?

Nashville, TN is growing leaps and bounds.

Any direction you look, you’ll see construction cranes and old buildings being razed.

Apartment buildings, Hotels, Condominiums, Office Buildings, Mixed use buildings, houses (LOTS of houses) . . . all under construction.

What is conspicuously NOT under construction is expansion of the infrastructure.

Recent estimates are that upwards of a couple THOUSAND people are moving into Middle Tennessee every month.

The wonderer in me is wondering where all the extra money is going?

What extra money am I referencing?

Certainly, this precipitous INCREASE in tourism dollars has significantly surpassed any and all projected tax revenue estimates.

Similarly, real property tax income must be increasing exponentially as more and more in-fill construction increases density and average house values.

Developer buys a house @ $350,000, tears it down, and builds TWO single family houses each worth $700,000+ . . . THAT creates a very nice bonus for Davidson County tax coffers.

So . . . Yes, there’s a LOT of debt outstanding as a result of the “Vitalization” of downtown (New convention Center, Baseball Stadium, Amphitheater, etc etc) to the tune of somewhere in the neighborhood of a $BILLION (or so).

Are we paying that debt down faster because we have more tax income than anticipated?

Are we investing in developing a viable plan for regional MASS TRANSIT in, out, and around Nashville?

Are we focusing on our beleaguered Public School System and improving the educational environment for our children?

I heard our Governor mention that he will not budget for improvement of infrastructure until he knows what the Federal budget will fund . . .

Please enlighten me . . . Why are we waiting for Federal Money to fix our own local issues?

Whatever happened to the “Flood of 2010 Nashville Community” which was SO proud that we took care of ourselves rather than whining and complaining that the Federal Government didn’t swoop in fast enough to clean up the mess Mother Nature made of our city?

Other than the prospect of Federal money . . . What are we waiting for on the 2 MOST important issues our city needs to address NOW?


Transportation Infrastructure (Including Real-Time Traffic Signals – Smart roadway expansion – Design and construction of a REAL Mass Transit system to move people within, into and out of the county without the need for cars.

Here’s Barry’s Mass Transit solution proposed February 24, 2015

Barry’s Gridlock Fix for Nashville

Now I ask again . . .

WHERE does the money go?


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