Where Did the BLUE Arrow go?

My trusty smartphone croaked on Saturday.

I went through all of the emotional levels – grief, denial, anger, rage, resignation, despondency, and unrealistic hope that it would just come back to life if I fiddled with the battery and power cord enough.




So . . . Monday morning, I decided i would give it 24 hours to come out of its coma before committing to find a replacement.


Tuesday morning, I gave up and began shopping on-line and decided to get the Samsung galaxy siii . . . made an appointment (in my mind) to go mid-day . . .

My day got away from me and next thing I knew it was time to get the kids from school.

Wednesday . . . I woke up feeling “Soulless” and melancholy . . . missing my electronic connection to the outside world. I moped around . . . piddled with paper in the office . . . and then drove straight to the gettin’ place for cell phones.

I bought my NEW siii, and I LOVE it. For 24 hours now, I’ve been “settling in” by downloading my favorite apps and getting used to the navigation of the phone feeling good about the fact that it all seemed very similar to my deceased Huwei Mercury.

UNTIL . . . about two hours ago . . . I realized the BLUE ARROW is MISSING.

It’s not there at ALL.

You know the one?

It’s the Google Navigator arrow . . . that app that’s saved my butt multiple times through the years driving in unfamiliar territory – This blue arrow has been my safety net for YEARS . . . and it’s GONE?

I always knew that immediately upon realizing I was lost, I could pick up the phone and hit that blue arrow and speak the address into the phone and then put it on my car’s dashboard and the nice lady would tell me turn by turn how to get to my destination.

I went to the “Apps Store” to no avail . . . Panic began to set in.

then I went to my netbook and googled “Google Navigation Blue Arrow” which took me to a page where MANY people had gone with the same dire circumstance . . . the answers were simply that the latest up-date did away with the blue arrow . . . but all of the functionality was there in the Google Maps app.




How COULD they?

Those #^$&%*@ programmers screwed up our world without giving ANY of us ANY warning whatsoever.

Which of course, will ruin the lives of at LEAST a bajillion people.

One very wise respondent said: “Oh, I think they know how updates cause issues to people. Its just they can’t let it hold them back.¬†You can’t make an omelette without breaking eggs, as the saying goes. ”

We’re in that kind of world these days.

Lots of egg breaking . . .

and I think that in some twisted little way, it’s helping all of us cope better with the reality that the ONLY constant is CHANGE.

PS – I’m still whimsical about the absence of the blue arrow . . . sigh

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