Where are the student athletes going?

Are there fewer high school kids now than before? (I know the answer is NO)

Have aliens been snatching these kids off the fields and teleporting them to faraway places?


Has something mystical happened in the heads of teenagers these days . . . causing them not to want to play sports?


Have I just finally reached the age at which the “Generation Gap” is getting my attention and this is nothing more than lack of understanding (on my part)?

Yep! I think odds are good that EVERY “older generation” has some things to say about the “Younger Generations”.

“These young Lions are DIFFERENT than we were.”

“WE had WORK ETHIC when we were younger . . . What’s WRONG with these kids?”


“They’re LAZY!”

“What is going to happen to the world when we’re gone and these young folks are left in charge?”

“How can WE fix THEM before they enter Adulthood?”

I’m thinking our parents likely said all of this about US?

so . . .

What’s this about vanishing athletes?

In a recent conversation, I heard that 80% (EIGHTY PERCENT) of the Freshman players on a local High School Football chose not to play their Sophomore year thereby leaving the team with a VERY weak roster moving forward.

When asked why they weren’t playing, many of them responded that they didn’t want to work so hard in practice without getting game time on the field.

Their expectation is that as long as they practice, they’re ENTITLED to PLAY during the game.

What happened to “Working your way up” and learning from the Leaders who have gone before you?

How many players on the roster of the TN Titans work their tails off and don’t get any action on game day?

Historically, haven’t the Juniors and Seniors on the team mentored and led by example the Freshmen and Sophomores?

How many GREAT Leaders in the world of business and politics point to their high school athletic teams and coaches as being instrumental in the development of their leadership skills and work ethic?

Is this High experiencing an anomaly, or are other high schools experiencing this same phenomenon?

I have more questions than answers . . . and perhaps I’m guilty of seeing what I am looking for (not what really is) . . . but my perception is that this entitlement mentality is growing . . .

There’s a WHOLE population of people out there (Many of them younger generations) who are not believers in the notion that they have to “work their way up to success” . . .

They believe that they are ENTITLED to success straight out of the womb.

I believe anyone can CHOOSE any level of success . . . conditioned upon their willingness to do whatever it takes to get there . . . INCLUDING paying the dues.

If “these kids” successfully dodge these life lessons in high school . . . What’s our future going to look like?

Just sayin’



Afterthought – How many 20 somethings do you know who are still living with their parents?



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