When’s the BEST time to put your house on the market?

Answer the following questions . . . Then decide “NOW” or “LATER

  1. Why do you ask?
  2. Are you thinking about making a move?
  3. What’s going on in your life that compels you to pull up your roots and transplant yourself and your family to another house?
  4. Do you HAVE to move?
  5. Is it about MONEY, JOB, Relationships, Family?
  6. If everything were to happen perfectly, WHEN do you want to move?
  7. Are you going to have to move whether or not you sell your current house?
  8. Have your consulted with a REALTOR?
  9. Do you know where you’re going?
  10. Is your house “Ready” to sell (Decor/condition)?

NOW is the BEST time to put your house on the market if answering these 10 questions gives you clarity (Singleness) of purpose . . . a warm, fuzzy feeling that moving NOW is the right thing for you to do.

Call your REALTOR IMMEDIATELY and get the process started.

Later is the best time to put your house on the market if while answering these questions you realize that you’re not committed enough to do whatever it takes to sell your house.

Selling a house is a very karmic thing . . .

If your Mojo isn’t into it, odds are good your house will linger on the market without selling.

So . . .

It’s NOT about the state of the real estate market that determines the best timing for putting a house on the market.

It’s ALL about the Seller’s preparedness and commitment.

Whether it’s for NOW or for LATER, if you’re even considering a move, it’s never too early to make contact with a REALTOR for a consultation to help you sort things out.

If you’re in Middle Tennessee, I and the Pareto Realty Team stand ready to help you determine your best when – Just contact us.

Are YOU ready to sell your House?



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