Whenever it starts is the right time

There’s one sure-fire way for a sales person to lose me as a prospect . . . high pressure.

The minute I smell “Commission Breath” or hear anything about “meeting sales quotas”, I RUN away because my gut tells me that the transaction is no longer about ME . . . It’s about that sales person’s needs and desires.

Don’t get me wrong . . . I’m in a sales and consulting business, and I completely understand the importance of PERSISTENT and SUSTAINED follow-up.

I know that until I learn what my client’s needs and goals are relating to this home purchase, I cannot serve them well.

I cannot get “there” by hammering the client with “incentives” and fear based interpretations of market conditions: “Buy NOW, or you’re going to miss out on a great deal.”

The truth is . . . If the house isn’t right and the timing for the sale or purchase isn’t well orchestrated and in alignment with the client’s needs, there’s going to be a twinge of resentment in that client’s mind . . . forever!

The biggest compliment of my service to a client is the Home Buyer or Seller who thanks me for my “low pressure approach” and how their anxiety throughout the process was less than they expected.

The top business performers build on a foundation of patient and consistent follow-up and attentiveness to the CLIENT’s needs.

They know that as long as they keep in touch and are willing to “let the process start when it’s the right time for the client”, they’ll create a loyal following of raving (and referring) fans.

I’m just sayin’



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  1. Some of us are lucky enough to have a fairly steady stream of clients but for many the freelance path tends to be famine or feast. Because thier paycheck depends on how many sales they bring in they may become overbearing to would be clients when they are having a bad week. This will help reduce the stress of having to make extra sales to make ends meet..Another important factor that can be negative in commission based sales and shouldnt be overlooked is the bad client.

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