In life, it’s VERY easy to commit to doing something . . .

  • “Honey! Will you take out the trash?” . . . “Yes! Dear”
  • “I pledge to start exercising daily”
  • “My goal is to get organized!”
  • “I’m going to start spending more time with my Family (and less time working)”

Every moment of every day, we all have many opportunities to set goals and commit to myriad “things to do.”

The willingness to commit often yields a relatively low batting average of completion . . . because of one missing component of specificity . . .


  • “WHEN will you take the trash out?”
  • “WHEN will you start exercising?”
  • “WHEN will you get organized?”
  • “WHEN will you start spending more time with your family?”

“WHEN?” Raises the ante for any promise made by moving it from the status of being an haphazard promise to being a COMMITMENT.

and odds of completion/success increase exponentially.

The next step is having an accountability partner who will ask you every so often: “So . . . How’s it going with that goal? Are you going to make your deadline?”

Some folks might call this “nagging”

I think it’s not much than simply “Keeping you honest!”

WHEN will YOU start making SMART goals?






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