When you know what you SHOULD be doing . . .

We live in a world of distractions!

This is not a new topic!

The sheer magnitude of the Raplexity (Rapid-Complexity) we ALL face when our feet hit the floor EVERY morning is astounding.

How do we function?

If you think YOU are overwhelmed with it all, think about our children who are facing what we are facing . . . but TEN-Fold because this is the world THEY are growing up in.

I heard a Pastor comment that what keeps him awake at night is “The growing absence of Innocence” in this world for all people but especially our children.

There seem to be no boundaries for this because all of us are only a few taps and clicks away from anything and everything going on in the world 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

While we would all love to sing the praises of the internet as being such a worthwhile tool for connectivity and learning and productivity, I’m not sure that all of that boils down to much (if any) betterment of true KNOWLEDGE.

So . . . to the point . . . As you muddle through every day, how often do you catch yourself in the uncomfortable position of knowing that you are NOT doing what you SHOULD be doing?

and . . . To what degree is your (and your childrens’) use ¬†of the internet and smart phones being counter-productive or worse?

Indeed, If you’re texting while driving, you are NOT driving.

If you’re surfing the internet and/or watching YouTube Videos and/or playing games on your phone and/or checking text messages or facebook or instagram or email or snapchat while you are talking to me . . . You are NOT talking to me.

I hereby invite you to join me in an on-going effort to do more of what we all know we SHOULD be doing as we engage with other people.

Can we return to authentic communication without distraction?

One CRAZY, out of the box way of getting a good start with this is to turn the electronic devices OFF in all times of focus so as not be tempted to peek when the thing buzzes or lights up with another gnat.

Published by Barry Owen

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