When you go to work . . .

What does it mean when you say you are going to work?

Do you get in your car and drive to an office?

Do you stay in your pajamas and turn on the computer and the smart phone and work from home?

Is there a fully equipped, designated office in your home?

Do you work from Starbucks?

Are you a professional nomad who drives around all day and seldom stays put anywhere for longer than 30 minutes?

Is your entire business virtual?

Could you transact business from anywhere in the world without anyone knowing where you are?

All of the above are viable models of “Going to work” and I have one simple question for you:

How’s YOUR way of “going to work” working out for you?

Are you getting the MOST out of each and every work day?

Are you able to communicate effectively with your customers/Clients?

How do you interact with your peers – Colleagues in your industry?

Who’s your GoTo person when you need advice and counsel?

I’m finding that, as we all get more virtual and paperless, we tend to be more isolated because we can “work from anywhere.”

This can be detrimental to productivity because isolation = solitude . . . and diminished human contact can lead to depression and/or lack of focus (Chasing shiny objects rather than staying focused on the work that needs to be done).

Many organizations LOVE this virtual officing phenomenon because they can reduce their overhead by decreasing their bricks and mortar office space.

At what cost?

Would the work force be MORE productive if they were working more from a common work space?

What opportunities are there that never materialize because the space isn’t there for accidental collaboration and brainstorming?

Sure we can schedule regular meetings, but does inspired creativity and Spirit happen according to our planned get-togethers or is it more emergent from chance encounters in the hallway or overheard ideas that get the juices flowing?

I LOVE an active office environment and crave impromptu idea generation and sometimes wonder about the opportunity cost of more and more of our work force toiling away in their virtual spaces with limited access to each other.

No judgement or answers here . . . Just an inquiring mind exploring ideas around optimizing our effectiveness in business and life.

What say you?

PS: In October or 2015, I moved the needle to other direction and secured a LARGER office space for Pareto Realty to offer the agents who want it a place to work and gather. 3 months into the experiment, and we are seeing a marked increase in sales volume . . . coincidence?

Published by Barry Owen

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