When you don’t take care of yourself

“You’re not just hurting yourself . . . the WHOLE team suffers!”

Coach Marmolejo spoke these wise and timeless words at 1/2 time in today’s Soccer game.

Many of our players were sluggish and di not have their heads in the game, so he asked a few questions:

  • Who had a sleep-over last night?
  • Did everyone drink lots of water when they got home from last night’s game?
  • Did everyone stretch before bed?
  • Did everyone wake up this morning, stretch, have a good breakfast, and drink water?

The responses were honest and just as Coach expected. 2 had Overnights, about 1/2 didn’t hydrate last night, Most had not stretched, and some had come to the game straight out of the bed without stretching or eating.

In the game, there were missed passes, mis-execution of plays – Lots of random kicking and loose ball control – and worst of all, ┬áinjuries.

Even with all of that, it was a decent game. We lost 2-0 to a team we probably could have tied or beaten if we had been on our game.

Coach’s point is valid.

That was one of the first principles I learned in Army boot camp in Ft Riley, Kansas a lot of years ago . . . If you don’t take care of yourself, you cannot possibly be top of your game, and you’re hurting the whole team. At boot camp, the “solution” was that the person who screwed up would have to watch while the Drill Sergeants punished everyone else in the squad. NO ONE wanted to be “THAT GUY!”

I rank this right up there in the Top 5 Universal requirements of Humans – Take care of yourself such that you can perform as promised for your team – whether it be Family, work, Sports, Community.


Play your best with all of your heart.

Hold your team-mates accountable to doing the same.


Wanna boil this down to the simplest terms?




Our team plays another game tomorrow morning.

I’m betting we’ll dominate ­čÖé


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