When you don’t know what to do . . .

There are those times when we simply don’t know what to do.

Of course the strong, burly types would never admit to needing help or counsel.

Most Men wouldn’t DARE stop and ask for directions.

Many professionals are so proud of their depth of knowledge, they wouldn’t even think of showing any sign of weakness (ineptitude) by having to calling someone for advice.

Guess what?

We ALL have these moments of not knowing what to do.

IMHO the strongest amongst us are the ones who know who to call . . . and don’t hesitate doing so.

“A man’s gotta know his limitations.”

Know the boundaries of your knowledge and expertise.

Your reputation and integrity matter WAY more than your “Hero in your own mind” bravado.

Staying true to your own chosen field of expertise makes YOU the resource for other people . . . and knowing those other folks’ fields of expertise is your leverage for those times you don’t know.

So . . . when you find yourself in FEAR of allowing yourself to veer off-course from your focused path . . . beyond your specialty . . . even for as well intentioned reasons as wanting desperately to be that knight in shining armor for ALL people

Pause the game and think about what matters most.

All people deserve to be served by a specialist . . . and all they ask of you is that you be a resource to help find the right specialist.

So . . . We at Pareto Realty often say that we strive to be THE Local resource for ALL things Real Estate . . . and we do a darn fine job of doing this but it’s not solely because of the depth of our personal knowledge . . .

It’s about WHO we know 🙂



Published by Barry Owen

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