When things don’t go as planned . . .

Remember this:

“NOTHING of true significance has EVER happened according to plan.”

Wouldn’t life be dull if everything you planned flowed perfectly?

If this were to happen every time, we wouldn’t need Leaders . . . just efficient Planners.

Out of chaos emerges order – eventually and always.

This is the dance of life, and I believe it’s this uncertainty that keeps us engaged.

I had the perfect chaos to order day yesterday, and it was






and all around EXHAUSTING!

At the end of the day, I thought back and reflected on what was accomplished.

8:15 A “Surprise Walk-Through” first thing in the morning

9:00 A successful house closing

10:00 an unsuccessful house closing (which would later in the day become successful)

12:00 A meeting with a client

1-3 A 2 hour continuing Education Class

3:15 Picked up the kids from school

4:15 Successful closing of the 10:00 unsuccessful attempt

6:00 Awards Ceremony for our Middle Schooler

When I woke up yesterday morning, my “Plan” was much simpler:

9:00 closing

10:00 Closing

1-3 CE Class

6 Awards Ceremony

All the rest of that stuff emerge as the day progressed . . . and there were emotional highs and lows throughout the day.

When it was over . . . My reflections confirmed one thing:

What happened was the only thing that could have.

So . . .

Quit being so tied to the plan, and you’ll definitely have a more adventuresome (and potentially more successful) life.

Chaos is GOOD!

Really . . . It IS!

Expect to be surprised . . . nothing else


PS . . . Yesterday was SO “Successful” that I took an impromptu 45 minute nap today – Sat down for a 5 minute break and woke up 45 minutes later 🙂

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