When the weather outside is frightful

Most of the schools in Middle Tennessee are closed today due to the forecast of apocalyptic rainfall.

It’s not so much the rain that’s the concern . . . It’s the VOLUME of water that’ll be deluging the creeks and Rivers and the low points. One might wonder why we Nashvillians can’t seem to figure out this “water Management” thing. One valid excuse is that there is SO much property development of houses, apartment complexes, and commercial buildings, the water drainage routes are ever changing.

When I was in the Army (Combat Engineer), our most formidable foe in terms of clearing clear paths for mobility of personnel and vehicles/equipment was NOT the enemy . . . it was WATER. When water flows, it will always follow the path of least resistance . . . and if that path is obstructed, the water will accumulate until it’s raw FORCE either overcomes that obstacle or finds another way which often is what results in the destruction of man-made structures (Roads, Dams, Buildings).

We humans learn humility from excessive water events. These are among the most wide-ranging in-discriminatory, mass casualty, destructive happenings known to man. Others that come to mind are hurricanes which add the element of high winds to the force of water . . . and earthquakes which shake the world and . . . and create tsunamis which are . . . HUGE surges of WATER.

Water is essential to sustain all life!

It’s not the water’s fault that all this destruction of man-made stuff happens.

The destruction occurs because we humans build stuff in the water’s natural way of travel.

Water reminds us daily of it’s power – A small roof leak can silently create HUGE damage in a house . . . and a huge volume of water can pick the house up and take it down-stream.

So . . . other than teaching us the importance of respecting the value and force of water, what can we learn that will help us in our personal and professional lifes?

What’s your ToDo list look like? Does it seem to never have an end?

How about your goals for each day?

If you fall behind on you “plan” (Goal is to write and send 15 Handwritten notes), do you “roll” the undone ones over to tomorrow? If so, how’s your blood pressure as you see your obligations accumulate? Does it seem that the faster you go (harder you work), the behinder you get?

It doesn’t have to be this way . . . You can fix all this by giving yourself permission by removing the obstacle of rigidity of the plan. Just as when you’re on a diet and you gorge yourself on “bad food” which you know you cannot un-eat, you simply commit to return to the regimen the next day . . . It’s not useful to starve yourself next day as punishment with “Roll-over calories”.

Don’t fall into that trap of creating conditions for your todos to accumulate until that list becomes insurmountable. Just pick yourself up, brush yourself off, re-evaluate your daily goals and adjust accordingly, and climb back on that horse.

Sensible “Volume of flow management”

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