When the first response is: “NO!”

Who do you know (and you might be one) whose first response to a new idea is: “NO!”?

What’s that do for (against) the momentum and shelf-life of said idea?

If you’re the “proposer” . . .

“Guilty until proven innocent”

“Uphill battle”

“Fighting a losing battle”


Did the idea have a chance of incubating?

Why kill the thing while so young?

OH! C’mon! Give it a chance!

Can we at least TALK about it before we kill it?

The angst is agonizing . . . so much friction . . . so little time.

Enough “NO’s!” and the proposals cease . . .

The idea generators wander off to greener pastures . . . and seek “YES”

There is a “middle ground” that’s completely learning based.

“Hm – THAT’S an intriguing idea, tell me more!”

What will this do for us?

Why should we change what we’re doing?

Do you think it’ll work?

Now we’re in dialogue and we find an answer between “yes” and “no”

The shortest distance between 2 points is a straight line . . .

“NO!” creates a chicayne!

Just sayin’



Published by Barry Owen

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