When the cell phone battery dies at 1:37 PM


This happened to me today – 1/2 way through a closing.

  • I didn’t have a clue what to do with my hands
  • Panic set in as I realized that NO ONE could reach me by text, email, or phone for at least another HOUR
  • An issue surfaced making it necessary for me to call someone – DANG! All my phone numbers are in that dead phone.
  • My client asked me if I knew a couple of good vendors to help them get the house ready – DANG! That numbers in the dead phone again.
  • Closing ends, and I race to my car to plug it into the charger – YIKES! The charger is NOT in my car – Must have taken it out while unpacking the car from last weekend’s trip.
  • WOndering if my wife is picking the kids up at school? Can’t call her to verify.
  • I have 2 leads written on my clip-board waiting for my call.
  • Gotta go get the keys for my clients – in the car with dead phone for another hour
  • then to the bank
  • Everywhere I stop, I ask to use the phones – no-one I call answers because they don’t recognize the number on their caller ID
  • I make it to the office . . . No charger there either . . .
  • So much to do . . . dead cell phone . . .
  • Might as well give up on the day @ 4:30 and go home where I KNOW there is a charger.
  • Plug the phone into the charger and it turns into a bumblebee . . . 15 text messages, 7 voice mails, 24 emails
  • But now I’m happy . . . because I’m CONNECTED again.
So . . .
How did we do it before we had cell phones?
Hmmmm . . .

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