When people say this cannot be done . . . Don’t listen!

When I joined the ranks of Real Estate Sales Professionals, there was very little sales training available.

The year was 1993 – no internet yet.

Our MLS listings were published bi weekly – Yes – HUGE Telephone book (remember those?) sized books.

My first Broker assigned me to a desk with a phone and said: “Good luck!”

Within a few days, it was clear to me that the phone wasn’t going to ring unless I did something to make it ring.

All of the incoming calls came in to the Brokerage (Yes! ALL inquiries on listings came into the firm’s main line – We didn’t have cell phones).

The receptionist would note the caller’s name, phone number, and property address and deliver this to the Principal Broker (Owner) who would “assign” that caller to an agent and collect a 50% referral fee (BEFORE the 40% split). Believe you me . . . there was favoritism galore . . . a small group of High performers got the best leads – ALWAYS!

Seeing as I had no other source of income, I had to do SOMETHING to get business, so I started looking for training.

I heard about the concept of “Farming” a neighborhood, and I LOVED it because I knew EVERYONE in the neighborhood I grew up in . . . Surely THEY would be great prospects.

I spent lots of time, energy, and money sending letters and postcards and advertising in the newspaper targeting this neighborhood, and that wasn’t getting me anywhere closer to financial reward because . . . no one EVER moves out of that neighborhood . . . There were no houses to sell.

I was like a mouse in a maze.

There was NO way I was going to accept failure and quit.

I would try just about anything, and I noticed a trend.

Each time I had a new idea, I would run it past a few of the “more seasoned” agents who would immediately shoot it down as a bad idea that would only waste my time, energy, and money.

One day, my phone rang (FINALLY) – I answered and had my first conversation with a “Telemarketer” who was inviting me to an “Exclusive Sales Training Seminar” featuring the oh-so-famous Joe Stumpf from California who was going to teach me the key to unlocking unlimited lead potential by learning and working his “By Referral Only” selling system.

All the agents in the office told me I was wasting my time going to such a seminar.

Well – I HAD to do SOMETHING, so I attended the seminar which turned out to VERY informative and motivational.

I joined Joe’s coaching club (at great expense) and LAUNCHED my career.

This is a “Rags to Riches” story of sorts.

I learned not to listen to the naysayers.

I learned that I was born with all of the power and knowledge I could possibly need to be successful at anything I chose to pursue.

Just because something didn’t work well for others, doesn’t mean much either.

I have since learned through LOTS of experience that most people DON’T succeed as a result of these programs . . . and it’s not the fault of the program or system.

Most of the people who claim that these things don’t work fail because of THEIR failure to do the work – to adopt a new discipline – to FOCUS and COMMIT.

Get away from those people and go hang out with the “Vital Few” . . . Those 20 % of the human population who see lemonade . . . not lemons.

If you’re not achieving the success you desire, consider with whom you’re hanging.

When you’re with them, are they supportive, non-judgmental confidants who aren’t scared to challenge you in a way that bolsters your resolve to continue forward momentum towards clearly defined goals?

If not, I think it’s time for you to turn the page.

Need more of a nudge?

Watch this video of Seth Godin!

Will you let me know how this new perspective affects your outlook and results.



Published by Barry Owen

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