When others don’t play by the rules – Monday Morning Coffee

Do you fight’m, join’m, or . . .

When we encounter someone playing in our sandbox who seems to be violating every rule (written or traditional) in the book, how do deal with it.

Of course, we’re uncomfortable with their blatant disregard for the way we do things around here – We might even be offended.

Certainly, we feel threatened as we note that they have a competitive advantage over by the sheer nature of the fact that they’re playing outside the boundaries.

It could be that these offenders are knowingly pushing beyond the edges for personal gain. It’s a game for them to see how far they can go before they get caught.

Perhaps they are “under-educated” and therefore unaware of their infractions.

Maybe they’re sheer innovative geniuses who have found a better way.

All we know for sure is that they’re exhibiting complete disregard for the customary protocol, and we don’t like it because it represents CHANGE!

Who are they to rock our boats?

We have choices:

  • Report them to the authorities
  • Confront them and demand they fall in line and play by the rules of our village.
  • Invite them to a meeting to learn more about their new way and their intent behind it
  • Join them – Imitate what they’re doing – After all, they’re finding success. Maybe they’re onto something good.
  • Ignore them – Let’s just stick our heads in the sand and hope they fail and disappear

Did it occur to you that these people might be pioneers on the frontier of what’s next?

In the real estate sales industry (and likely most other industries), we frequently see these buccaneers come into our market (enclave) from the outside and shake things up. Some of them successfully create change which gives rise to unique and different business models. I like this because not all REALTORS have the same needs and wants when it comes to what they expect from their Principal Brokers and firms.

Yesterday, I became aware of one of these out-of-the-box operators, and I found myself experience the full range of emotions in the matter of a couple hours – from confused to threatened to angry to resigned  . . . and then to acceptance that I had just discovered a new way of doing business in my industry . . . one that’s not for me but will serve a group of home sellers that might otherwise not find the traditional way acceptable.

Because the house for sale being represented by this upstart REALTOR meets the criteria for my client, I never wavered from my commitment to serve him well by finding his perfect next house . . . even if it means I’ve gotta to work with a radically non-traditional REALTOR on the other side of the transaction.

This is what this boils down to – Distill all the emotions out of it, and what we are are left with is our responsibility to serve and protect our own clients and insulate them from whatever industry drama might be happening.

Be like a duck – Stay calm, cool, and collected and paddle like the dickens underneath.

After all . . . when I launched Pareto Realty, one of the fundamental premises of my new business model was NOT to do any of the things that I didn’t like about previous firms with which I had worked in the past (6 of them) . . . and keep it SIMPLE . . . oh yes, and to provide an environment in which the Principal Broker (I) would never be beyond my “span of influence” for my agents.

Meanwhile . . . I’m learning as much as I can about this new. weird business model . . . I might even refer them business if I encounter folks who are looking for something like what they offer.

In all cases . . . Stay on the high road 🙂

Hope you have a great week!


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