When is “Local” REALLY LOCAL?

Perception is not always reality.

Take, for example, your “Local Real Estate Professional” . . . The myth (Perception) is that they’re all the same . . . That just because they call themselves a “Local Real Estate Expert” (SURELY they wouldn’t fib about this?) they KNOW the local market – the ins and outs of the community – The schools, churches, sports leagues, governmental issues of concern, future development, and are considered to be “Leaders” in the community.

The reality is that the internet has helped create what I might term a “Less Authentic Local” . . . Shall I coin this a “Plastic Local” . . . NOT the real thing.

In these times of boundless access to information and data, it’s pretty darned easy for a Real Estate Sales person to assemble enough data about an area to justify (in their own mind and marketing) that they are a “Local Expert” about a particular house or neighborhood or city even though they may not have ever stepped foot on the earth of said “area of expertise.

There’s an on-going National debate amongst real estate professionals and internet savvy marketers who some argue are facilitating disservice to home buyers and sellers by creating a more “Plastic Local” environment than is healthy . . . In other words, they are creating fancy on-line websites that make it very easy for any real estate sales person on the planet to claim “Local Expertise” in every city on the planet.

These savvy marketers are collecting “Leads” (Inquiries) from uninformed prospective home buyers and sellers and then “Selling” them to any Real Estate Sales person willing to pay for them.

Often, it’s the Home Buyers and Sellers who “Suffer” by being “underserved” by a “Professional” who has limited on-the-ground knowledge of the market in that particular Locality.

My advice/theory?


For folks considering buying or selling a house any time in the future, DO NOT inquire about properties on-line unless you KNOW that your inquiry is going directly to an AUTHENTIC local Real estate professional.

How do you know who’s an “Authentic Local Real Estate Professional?”

Referral – do your own diligence – Don’t leave this critical relationship to chance. Ask LOCAL friends, family, work associates, church members, other “soccer parents” who they would recommend.

Call local firms – If referrals don’t surface, stop in to visit at a local firm (or 2 or 3)

Interview them in person – Require a face-to-face meeting with any agent before agreeing to work with them

Build relationship – Be clear about the fact that this Real Estate agent will play a significant role in where you end up living . . . and could be a life-long friend . . . Choose your advisers and friends carefully.

Listen to your gut – You’ve gotta be able to TRUST this person who will be representing you . . .

This is ALL worth doing as you prepare to embark on the process of making one the largest financial decisions of your life.

Just sayin’



PS – I & my firm provide “Authentic Local” service for Home Buyers and Sellers in Middle TN . . . If you’re not making a move in Middle TN, odds are good we can help you find “Authentic Local” service elsewhere

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