When I choose ________ today . . .

My wife Debbie Guthery-Owen led a great session at yesterday’s Pareto Realty weekly pow-wow.

She incorporated some great short videos from guru Zig Ziglar who certainly has always had a knack for identifying simple, timeless BFO (Blinding Flashes of the Obvious) and creating short sayings that say it ALL.

When I choose (to do this) today . . . I choose (This result) tomorrow!

“When I choose to eat too much today, I choose to be overweight tomorrow!”

When I choose to whine and fret today (instead of taking action), I choose to prolong my distress (Instead of moving forward).

“When I choose to allow circumstances to distract my focus today, I choose to deny achievement of my goals tomorrow.”

When I choose to FOCUS today, I choose forward motion towards my goal tomorrow

Our choices set us up for subsequent rewards or consequences.

What we focus on EXPANDS!

So . . . I came out of that session realizing the simplicity of it.

The first and most necessary choice is definition of:

  • the OBJECTIVE (Goal)
  • Time Bound (When will I commit to reach this goal?)
  • Obstacles (What are they, and how will I overcome or circumvent them?)
  • People (Who will help me achieve this Objective?)
  • Plan of action (What steps must I take NOW?)
  • Benefit (When I achieve this objective, how will it benefit me and others?)

After which . . . All you need to march yourself towards that objective is a simple commitment to:

DO Something EVERY day – Something that will take you one step closer to “there.”

If this is so easy, why are there so many non-believers in goal setting?

I think most people do great setting the goals . . . and suck at achieving them . . . so they’ve lost the faith.

How to be a better achiever?

  • Establish rituals – Daily, weekly, monthly, annual Habits that keep your FOCUS on the goal
  • Use the right TOOLS – Contact manager, calendar, Planning techniques
  • Succeed through PEOPLE – Engage the right people for accountability, mentoring, support

Wednesday 2/29/12, I’ll be “Unpacking” much of this in a 3 hour (9-Noon) session (workshop) which I lead every 3 months.

I entitle this session “Life RHYTHM” . . .

At the conclusion of the session, every participant will have a good grip on a personal SMART (specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and timely) Goal and will walk out of the room with all the tools necessary to establish this health flow (ritual) of daily, weekly, monthly, annual ACTION . . . 

It is at that point when each person will choose to intentionally maintain focus today so they can achieve their goal tomorrow . . .

or they will choose to allow procrastination and outside forces to distract their focus today and choose to suck at achieving goals (and go back to whining and fretting around the coffee pot).

What’s your choice?

RSVP early for this session by emailing me at barry@paretorealtyllc.com . . . Only 15 seats available in the room. This session is FREE!

Just sayin’




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