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Good Morning!

Hoping you had a relaxing Memorial Day Weekend and are now ready to get back to work as we slide into HOT summer.

The past week has been a week of “unfortunate” media reporting which seems to be continuing to sing “Doom and Gloom” with respect to the real estate market.

Please remind yourself and your Sphere of Influence that “LOCAL” is what matters and that many of these alarming stats come from National polls and may have ZERO correlation to what’s actually happening in our market.

I see steady movement in our market, and I know that we each can choose how we respond to this challenging environment.

Yesterday’s Monday Morning Coffee – When WHERE Matters! (My weekly connection with my personal Sphere of Influence) stresses the importance of paying attention to the “Where” . . . and comments on the prevalence of “Smart People” who are now noticing the need to focus on LOCAL  in order to act from an appropriate perspective.

Along with thinking LOCAL, the next most critical ingredient (IMHO) for success in this market environment is a FREQUENT & high level of CONNECTING with other Real Estate Professionals . . . to learn and share with each other . . . and to tackle the tough issues and opportunities in the community.

With this in mind, I will be offering 2 or 3 Hour long sessions EVERY Friday (other than holidays) beginning at 9:00, 10:00, & 11:00 and most ending with a “Lunch & Learn” during which a Local Business will “Educate and Feed” those who show up.

  • These are ALL FREE . . . and ARE NOT “Recruiting oriented” sessions.
  • Each hour will begin with a short “warm up introduction” and flow into open discussion/dialog. I assure you there will be REALTORS from a variety of firms at each session.
  • The sessions will be posted on my Facebook event calendar . . . and you can RSVP there and see who else has RSVP’d.
  • WHERE? in a variety of “neutral” locations. I am always open to suggestions for great places to meet. (Condo or new development Clubhouses, restaurants, etc.)
  • You are welcome to join any single or all of the sessions . . . Whatever your schedule allows.
  • If you don’t see a session that interests you, SUGGEST a topic for a future session – I’ll get it scheduled.
  • Are you an “expert”? Let me know – I’d love to have experts on Facebook, twitter, iphone, Driod, Pads, short sales, marketing . . . ANYTHING.
    Upcoming Schedule
  • June 3 – Today’s Buyers – Who are they? How do we work with them? Negotiation and closing.
  • June 10 – Social Media (Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, WordPress, and Blogging
  • June 17 – Today’s sellers – Who are they? Marketing Listings – Negotiation and Closing
  • June 24 – Life Rhythm Workshop – 3 Hours to work on yourself – Life Roles and goals . . . and a process for getting it all done
  • July 1 – Smart Devices – iphone, Droid, Pads
  • July 8 – Business Building – Goal Setting – Budget – Team and Systems

Hoping to connect with you soon and wishing you a HUGELY productive week!

Just sayin’



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