When Dealing with a JERK!

There’s nothing more important to a professional than reputation.

I saw the following on a Real Estate forum:

“Is it possible to rebuild your reputation and get back to work in this business after its been destroyed by the media?”

My first thought was that here’s someone who had clearly not done a good job of “Reputation Management.”

My second thought was: “What’s he worried about? NOBODY believes the media, so he’s not got much to worry about.”

Next day, I heard a client say that she will NEVER look at another house listed by “Agent Jerk” even if it is the perfect house. I asked her why, and she said that he had been a complete Condescending JERK to her when she called him for information.

“Agent JERK” has a lot more to worry about than the dude who thinks his reputation had been destroyed by the media. Agent JERK offended a prospect who will go out of her way to tell everyone she knows how much of a JERK he is.

Next day, I get a call from a REALTOR who was working a deal with another REALTOR who was being a COMPLETE JERK to him throughout the whole deal. He didn’t know how to handle her combative nature with every interaction . . . just pure vitriol for no apparent reason.

I always want to give folks the benefit of a doubt. Maybe they’re just having a hard day.

Maybe they’re having problems at home, or health issues, or are financially distressed . . .

or . . . Maybe they’re just JERKS churning their way through short term relationships.

Bless their Hearts!

So . . . How do we deal with them?

Don’t give them anything to push against – Smile and be pleasant no matter what they throw at you.

Go ahead and agree with everything they say (even if they’re wrong) . . . That drives them NUTS.

Be at their service . . . anticipate their needs and fill the gaps . . . after all, they ARE apparently emotionally handicapped.

Why do this?

Because you are building YOUR reputation in doing so. The more gracious you are in the face of their insults, the more differentiated you will be from them . . . and anyone who witnesses the mayhem (your clients) will think better of you at the end . . . and will go out of their way to tell the story about how you dealt with that JERK.

You’re too smart to fall into their trap . . . they want to draw you into their drama . . . to convince you to stoop to their level and thereby damage your OWN reputation.

there will always be JERKS in this world, and the rest of know JUST what to do about it:

Be Nice!


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