When are you going to stop recreating the wheel?

I do it!

You do it!

We ALL do it!

Somehow along the way, someone taught us that only WE can do it “RIGHT and Proper” . . . NO ONE can (or is willing to) do it as well as I can: therefore, I must be the person to do it.

Oh! I know that it distracts me from doing some more productive things that might ultimately matter WAY more in terms of moving me closer to my goals . . . but if I do it myself, I’ll save MONEY.


Consider the highest and best use of YOU!

Do you know what it is?

Do more of that and less (or none) of the other stuff.

Don’t print, fold, stuff, and stamp your direct mail-outs.

Don’t build your own website (Unless that’s your profession or hobby).

Don’t Spend hours of precious time learning how to import and export data for your database.

Don’t do your own plumbing, carpentry, or lawncare at home (unless it’s therapy for you).

Let the experts do all of that. Odds are great that while they’re doing it more efficiently and less expensively, you’ll be doing some great things that matter MORE for you.

I have to learn this lesson over and over and over again . . . and I don’t think I’m the only one.

I’ve created website templates even though better ones are only a few clicks away . . . I’ve built spreadsheets for budgets and business number tracking, even though there are myriad templates already built and free for use . . . I’ve tackled plumbing projects that took me 5 hours – that a plumber could do in 30 minutes.

No more!

“DELEGATE” is one of the most powerful weapons in any professional’s arsenal.

Do more of THAT . . . and less recreating wheels.


Published by Barry Owen

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