When a transaction has great mojo . . .

We REALTORS deal with LOTS of drama every day.

When people are buying or selling a house, there’s always more going on in their lives than buying or selling a house .

Of course, there’s that bit about this likely being the largest financial transaction of their lives.

Even more poignant is the reason these folks are buying or selling a house.

Whether it’s a great/happy reason or bad/sad reason, the seer expenditure of emotional energy far outweighs any level of money concern.

marriage – divorce – new life (growing family under 1 roof – Babies or Parents) – downsizing (empty nesters) – retiring – new job – lost job – illness and so on and so on.

Regardless of the specific “why” for this move, the emotions are there because this represents HUGE change.

Additionally . . . Every transaction involves the Buyer of the house AND the seller of the house. Each is experiencing this change, and their “whys” are different.

Sometimes, The real challenge for the REALTOR is that of “managing expectations and emotions.”

It’s understanding why the clients are seeming to be so so unrealistic or unreasonable and deciding not to take outbursts of emotion personally.

We must always be as ducks – calm and unruffled on the surface and paddling feverishly underneath.

I find that the better we (BOTH agents) communicate and cooperate, the smoother the experience for everyone.

This creates a self-perpetuating mojo that grows exponentially throughout the transaction.

What might otherwise be HUGE issues become mere “things to work through”

This mojo truly IS some powerful stuff because it also has the power to elicit miracles. What we thought would be a crazy expensive structural issue turns out to be “normal settling” . . . That loan blip that threatened to kill the deal seemed to resolve itself yesterday.

The reverse is also true . . . . bad mojo seems to attract complications and insurmountable challenges.

Don’t knock this til you try it.

With every client and cooperating agent from the beginning, work on cultivating an environment of GOOD mojo.

I think you’re going to like the results.

Oh! . . . I left out one very important point . . . Use voice communication for every interaction that requires more than one sentence.

The one sentence communications can be by text, voice mail, email.

Give this a try and let know how much it improves your overall outlook on life.

Keep it smooth!

Published by Barry Owen

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