What’s Left to the Imagination?

Preparing a house for the market is an art form.

The delicate balance is finding that look and feel of beauty and usefulness of the space all the while leaving enough to the imagination of the prospective Buyer that intrigue and excitement ensue.

If there’s too much “DONE,” the Buyer may have difficulty visioning the space as her own. She might admire it as “Someone else’s work of art” which stands very well on its own in the house . . . and it would be a shame to undo such a masterfully put together showplace.

When there’s not enough . . . and only the space presents . . . there might be TOO much left to the imagination. The Buyer simply cannot add appropriate form and decor to such a blank canvass.

the most successful professional Home Stagers get this at a very high level.

These folks are not just “smart furniture placement experts” . . . they’re artists whose work inspires the imagination of prospective Buyers in a way which provokes comments like: “I can see myself living here”

This is more than “Decluttering” and “Depersonalizing” . . . It’s about preparing the space leaving just enough to the Buyers’ imaginations to see themselves living there.

This may require the home seller to undo some things.

Yes – Declutter

Yes – Depersonalize (remove personal photos and information)

Maybe change the decor – Painting new colors

Maybe simplifying the landscape (Yes, I’ve had buyers eliminate houses because the landscaping is so well done they cannot imagine themselves maintaining it)

When we get this stuff right, houses sell faster to happier Buyers.

There are myriad reasons to attend to these matter BEFORE listing the house for sale.

After all, Don’t you want to sell your house at the highest price with the best terms for YOU?

I thought so . . . the preparation stage is far too important to leave to chance.

Bring a staging artist in EARLY so as to optimize prospective buyer’s imaginations.

It make you more $$$$

I promise!


PS . . . When we list house, this is how we roll . . . If you’re in Middle Tennessee, connect with me, and I’ll get you on the right path to fast home sale.

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