What Would you pay for a ticket to nowhere?

When you travel, odds are good that you buy a ticket to a specific destination for a reason.

You probably also have an “Itinerary” which defines a time-line for your travels.

At said destination, there are people to see and things to do . . . It’s all very exciting.

With ticket in-hand, you arrive at Gate A64 and immediately check the Gate Marquee to confirm you’re in the right place – After all, missing your flight would be oh-so-inconvenient.

Once settled and buckled into your seat on the plane, the pilot’s voice crackles over the speaker system and welcomes you with a comment something like: “This plane is heading to Timbuktu. If you are not intending to travel to Timbuktu, NOW would be the best time to deplane.”

That usually arouses a few chuckles, and (Though I’ve never witnessed such) occasionally might result in a passenger jumping up and heading for the door.

So . . . When we travel, we tend to be VERY attentive as to the details regarding where we are going and WHEN we plan to arrive. Our motivation is HIGH for the duration of our trip to keep us on track, and we are consistently and persistently tracking our progress.

Given all of the above: What would you pay for a ticket to nowhere at no particular time?

Of course if there are no obligations, some folks might be tempted to buy this ticket and take their chances on where they end up . . . when.

Here’s the kicker . . . I think MOST people with PLENTY of obligations are “Buying their Tickets to Nowhere” upon waking every morning . . . and the cost is beyond measure.

Of course, it’s easy to use the excuse that if you don’t know where you’re going, you cannot possibly be lost.

When you come to a fork in the road . . . take it!

If you don’t know your destination, you are going nowhere.

Consider your life and your career.

where are you going?

When will you arrive?

Once you have clarity on those 2 answers, the “HOW will you get there?” and “WHO can help you and/or journey with you?” become important.

Without this clarity, you’re on a treadmill in quicksand.

In a Mastermind session today, I was asked how I measure success in my business of working with Home Buyers and Sellers.

there are many ways REALTORS might answer that question: Efficiency of process, Number of Transactions CLOSED, Meeting deadlines, Hitting financial goals . . .

What came to my mind was different.

Success is identifying CLARITY in the mind of the client as to WHERE she wants to go and WHEN she wants to arrive.

Once that clarity exists, the remainder of the process simply FLOWS.

When that clarity is missing . . . doldrums and frustration abound.

Unless the client is EXCITED about the destination, odds are good the closing won’t happen . . . but if it does happen, it’ll likely be very messy.

and so it is with most everything that matters in our lives.

Why on earth would we devote more time and attention to the details of a trip than we would to the details of our life/career journey?

What is the real cost of failing to spend a bit of time to gain clarity on the destination?

Life’s too short not to pay attention to this.

Don’t let this be you:

“Inside every Older Person There’s a Younger Person wondering What the Hell Happened” Cora Harvey Armstrong

I can’t wait to see you LAUNCH!

Published by Barry Owen

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