What we need now is something to sell

Isn’t it irritating to go to your favorite restaurant for your favorite food only to hear the server tell you they just ran out of those?


You’re out French Onion soup?

When I was in the restaurant business, we had a chalk board on the food line with “86” on the top . . .

When the kitchen ran out of something, this was the board to communicate that to the servers.

NO customer wants to hear this because she sees it on the menu and is REALLY looking forward to having it.

After all, isn’t the restaurant RESPONSIBLE for having enough of it for EVERYONE who wants to have a slice?

Exasperating for sure, but no restaurant can, with 100% accuracy, guess how many people will want that in any given day . . . and TODAY, it seems that EVERYONE wants it, and we only prepared 123 of them for the lunch rush . . . YOU are lucky #124.

Same goes with houses.

REALTORS are scouring their MLS systems and networking their booties off looking for “coming soon” house listings and chasing ambulances and hearses and knocking on doors and it seems we continue to see “86” just about everywhere we look.

Someone dropped the ball and didn’t prep as many houses as the buyers want to buy, so many real estate markets are facing dire lack of available inventory circumstances.

The developers are saying they cannot develop the land fast enough to keep up with Buyer demand . . .

The Builders complain that they can’t seem to even get a foundation complete before the buyers show up to BUY the house.

Desperate times call for desperate measures . . .

So . . . We are now BEGGING!


If you own a house and have even the slightest inkling of a twinge in your mind that you’d consider selling said house, will you PLEASE call your preferred Real Estate Sales professional IMMEDIATELY.

Seriously, this IS a “perfect storm” for anyone selling a house . . . We’re in a sweet spot because demand is HIGH, Mortgage interest rates are LOW, Prices are continuing to climb but leveling out in many areas due, in part, to LACK OF INVENTORY creating appraisal difficulties because of a shortage of recent SALES that couldn’t happen because of the lack of inventory.

I’m chasing my tail here . . .


Take your equity and move it into another house and enjoy the immense buying power of your money because rates are low.


PS: If you are one of these people thinking about selling your house, Please call Pareto Realty FIRST 🙂

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