What is worth?

WORTH: the value of something measured by its qualities or by the esteem in which it is held – a literary heritage of great worth –  moral or personal value MERITEXCELLENCE

What is YOUR worth?

What is your worth to others?

What is the worth of others to you?

Is considering the meaning of “worth” a worthy pursuit?

If you were to live your life with a dedication to increase all facets of worth, how might that affect your health and happiness?

Monday morning I woke up in a funk . . . I wasn’t feeling worthwhile.

In fact, I even neglected my daily drive time video because my mindset was framed in worthlessness.

I also had an excruciating headache . . . Such a pity party it was within my mind.

I floundered through the morning and got nothing of worth accomplished, until I remembered.

I remembered my commitment to myself and others to add value incrementally throughout my life thereby contributing to worldwide supply of worth.

By mid-day Monday, my brain was firing on all cylinders with exuberance as I realized that all of that “work” waiting patiently for my full attention represented amazing possibilities.

The sheer potential of even a fraction of these possibilities coming to fruition would have great positive impact for me and for many other people . . . It is, indeed, worth it!

Tuesday was a VERY different day . . . I talked about it in today’s drive time video.

WHEW! Makes me a little ready for nap thinking about all of the worthwhile things there are to be done and all of the worthwhile people building this awesome thing called “Life”

So . . . What do you think about all that?

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