“What is School for?” – Monday Morning Coffee!

In observance of Labor Day, Monday Morning Coffee comes on Tuesday šŸ™‚

I haven’t been quiet about my opinions about where the next Mayor of Nashville MUST focus immediately after the swearing in.

  • TRAFFIC CONGESTION (Mass Transit/Infrastructure)

Essentially, Nashville is on a tremendous GROWTH surge (which is awesomely cool), but has been neglecting some of the MOST important issues for sustaining the growth and “Coolness.”

If we don’t get Education, Infrastructure, and Safety dialed in . . . ten years from now, we might be lamenting the “Great Growth Bubble of the 2000 teens” which burst because we failed to Focus on the foundation.

You don’t have to be a structural Engineer to understand the importance of a solid foundation.

Without a foundation appropriate to support the structure built above, it’ll all eventually come tumbling down.

In the long run, skimping on the foundation is designing failure. THIS is where time, energy, money, and FOCUS must be FIRST!

Seth GodinĀ wrote a great post today addressing Education.

It so hits the nail on the head, I’m republishing rather than simply offering a link . . . He begins with a TED Talk . . .

Be sure to click the linkĀ what school is for? for the rest of the story.

Parents, taxpayers, citizens, let’s not waste another year. What happens if every teacher and school board member starts discussingĀ what school is for? Please share with four people… that’s all it would take to start the conversation.

One last thing to think about: What would happen to our society if we spent twice as much time and money on education as we do now? And not just on the wealthy, but on everyone, especially on everyone.

What if every six-year-old was reading, if math and science were treated as opportunities, not chores, if community service and leadership got as much space in the local paper and on TV as sports do?

The real win is creating a generation that actually delights in learning. Once people want to learn, there are more self-directed avenues open than ever before.

I wonder how many people will have to speak up before we end up redefining what ‘good enough’ looks like when it came to the single most important thing we do for our future and our kids.

Please do ALL of us the favor of taking the above to heart and holding whoever the next Mayor of Nashville accountable for addressing these BIG 3 foundational issues.

  • TRAFFIC CONGESTION (Mass Transit/Infrastructure)

I wish for you a fabulously productive week šŸ™‚

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