What happened?

Halloween Happened . . .

I wrote THIS blog post a few days ago, and it seems to have been prophetic.

My auto-feeds of new listings plummeted this week.

Everywhere I look . . . Christmas Decor.

Starbucks is in trouble for rolling out a holiday cup that doesn’t have enough (any) Christmas.

Today is Veteran’s Day!

I’m a veteran, and I have great respect for ALL Veterans . . . AND all of those brave men and women who are currently serving us all in the United States Armed Forces.

Thank God for ALL of Us/Them!

For 20 years, my ears were finely tuned to news of world events and conflicts because I knew that as long as I was a Combat engineer Officer in the US Army,  I would always have to be prepared to “Report for Duty” – Drop whatever I was doing, grab my gear, and head to Fort Campbell.

I also knew that if I were called to duty, it would likely be in an unfriendly environment. for all those years, I knew that call could result in my ultimate sacrifice.

I was not called to do what I was trained to do (Provide Engineer Support for ground troops in combat zones), and I sit here unscathed by battle wounds.

I was lucky!

There are many wounded warriors who were not so lucky.

Some reported for duty and died within days of reporting.

Others were incapacitated and/or disfigured physically and/or mentally by the HELL of war.

ALL of us served selflessly . . . and ALL of us Americans can thank ALL of the soldiers present and past for our FREEDOM and our way of life.

Our work is not done. We must continue to protect our country and our Democracy.

We must take care of our own here at home FIRST!

We should leave no wounded warrior behind.

So . . . the decline in real estate activity this week aint nothin’ but a thang!

I sent the call out to the agents of Pareto Realty and challenged these Vital Few REALTORS to “REPORT for duty” and go out there and capture as many listings as they can before 2016.

I think they will . . .

God bless America and god bless YOU!

Protect and serve!



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