What d’ya mean you’re closed due to the weather?

We’re having a “Weather event” in Nashville today.

Nashville doesn’t get much snow, but when we do, it’s something to behold.

ice harding

Lucky us . . . there’s this imaginary Weather line East to West above which tends to be colder resulting in SNOW . . . Below that line, it’s slightly warmer resulting in Freezing rain (or just rain). This line moves North/South and depending on where it is in relation to Nashville determines what we get.

When we do get white weather (snow), it almost always begins as Sleet mixed with rain which puts a very smooth 1/4″ to 1/2″ coat of ICE on the entire city . . . and then the line moves South and temperatures plummet into single digit degrees. SNOW then accumulates atop this newly laid ice foundation.

Snow atop ice has zero traction . . . Driving (even with 4 wheel drive) is perilous . . . Heck, Walking ain’t easy.

And Nashville is hilly!

Ice Bread

Northerners scoff at us Southerners when we freak out about impending winter weather. After all, they have several feet of snow dumped on them for MONTHS. Thing is . . . what they get is snow which packs nicely . . . and they have the equipment (plows) to keeps their streets clear.

A forecast of snow causes a mass rush to the grocery store as Nashvillians anticipate “Snowmageddon” and imagine being house-bound for days. Part of this anxiety comes from the fact that our electricity travels through overhead lines which often fall when laden with ice . . . So . . . The fear of being stuck in a house with no way to get to the grocery – and possibly no electricity – creates a piranha frenzy at the grocery leaving the shelves empty by day end (One 1/2 gallon of milk and @ a dozen loaves of bread remain @ 5 PM last night.

Luckily, I live within easy walking distance of Green Hills, so we can get what we need on foot if necessary

ice milkSo – Schools are cancelled, Doctor offices closed, and the city is quiet.

This whole thing creates a “mandatory day off” which might actually do some folks some good.

The workaholics amongst us will struggle. They’ll try to work. They might even risk life and limb and drive to their offices . . . and then they’ll be frustrated by the fact that very few other people are working, so they’ll not get be able to get anything of significance accomplished.


Quit obsessing about what you’re not able to do today, and enjoy your family and your time off.

Read a book . . .

Draw a picture . . .

Go sledding . . .

Your work can wait and will be there for you when the weather improves.

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