What do you provide?

What do people buy when they buy from you?

Do you know?

Is it a thing with unique character or quality?

Is it an experience?

Do they feel safer, better, or happier when they buy from you instead your competitor?

Could it be convenience? Are you their only local source of that thing or service they want?

Reliability? . . . You answer the phone and show up on time?

Maybe you’re a better communicator . . .

How ’bout your “connectivity” . . . Your ability to make great connections with all the right people to get things done?

Could it be your reputation in your industry and your vast depth of specific knowledge?

Seth Godin has posed this question to me in his Freelancer Course with the requirement that I respond in a public place (a la yesterday’s post).

I find this to be a difficult question to answer about myself.

Of course, I have my own perception, but I have this hesitation for fear that I may embellish and make myself out to be better than my clients believe or experience. I would much rather have this question be answered by being a fly on the wall to hear one of my clients talking about her experience with me in her home buying or selling experience.

Sadly, I have not the quality of being able to morph into a fly on demand . . . AND Seth Goding addresses this issue in the very next segment and advises against this fear of self inflation, so . . .

I provide no-nonsense, sound, strategic advice and counsel to my clients.

When the rubber hits the road, I get things DONE with minimal complexity and hassle.

I’m candid and tell the truth . . . even if it’s not popular or what my client wants to hear.

While I DON’T “know EVERYBODY,” I’m often accused of this, and I know this has value to my clients . . . As if I “have an app” for just about any need any one of my clients has.

Whether it’s a Real Estate Sales Professional working with me as their Principal Broker or a Home Buying or Selling client, I am your die-hard advocate . . . ALWAYS.

So I’ve completed my assignment and learned a lot about what I think my clients are buying when they work with me.

Your turn . . .

What do YOU provide?

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