“What are you looking for?”

I don’t attend Grace Pointe Church regularly but have visited because a friend told me I would appreciate the Pastor’s deep thinking . . . I do!

Subsequently, I receive Stan’s weekly email update to his congregation and always enjoy it – Inspirational and validating.

Pastor Stan Mitchell at Grace Pointe Church:  “Our scripture text highlighted the first recorded words of Christ’s earthly ministry.  Having just been proclaimed the messianic lamb of God by John the Baptist, Jesus quickly garnered a following from the popular prophet’s camp of devotees.  To this group, the Lord immediately upon their decision to follow him turned and asked:

“What are you looking for?”

From Jesus?  From God?  From church?  From life?”

 When I speak and write of “Life Rhythm” THIS is where I’m going.

Take the time to question in every moment: “What am I looking for?”

Listen to whatever answer surfaces . . .

and resolutely move in that direction.

If you want to have fun with this . . . also ask:

“Who am I looking for?”




Hmmmmm . . .



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