What are THEY saying?

“They” have super-human powers.

Yep! “they” can brainwash just about anybody into believing that doing this thing is dangerous, foolish, and a HUGE waste of time, energy, and money.

Of course, “they” have tried EVERYTHING and NONE of it worked for “them”, so how could it possibly work for us?

“They” cast doubt and squash optimistic enthusiasm.

Don’t listen!

Test EVERYTHING your mind can conjure just in case it doesn’t work for “them” but DOES work for you. “They” want you to stay stay small and safe.

Don’t allow “them” to define your success (or lack thereof) based on “their” limited beliefs.

Everyone’s a critic, and “they” all mean well (Bless their hearts).

Now that we’ve cleared the air of all of the DANGER that lurks within “their expert Opinions”, let’s pose a different set of questions.

Are “they” talking about you?

When you’re not in the room, what is it that “they” are saying about you?

Here’s the interesting part . . . The less you listen to “their” opinions and warnings and then take action with success anyway . . . the more respect “they” have for you. As this respect builds, the more “they” talk about you when you’re out of ear-shot.

You’re a legend in “their” small minds . . . You’re an intrepid explorer with NO FEAR!

Little do “they” know you’re really scared. Your adrenaline is pumping with vigor.

and you’re WINNING!

Prove “them” all wrong, so “they’ll” talk more about you . . . Next thing ya know, you’re the GOTO guy for innovative and daring solutions.

THIS is “Wealth Building” writ large!

Published by Barry Owen

Strategist-CEO of Pareto Realty Real estate sales Professional Inviter-Facilitator-Practicer of Open Space Technology Opening safe space for people & organizations to self-organize around issues & opportunities BarryOwen.US Invite-Listen-Love

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