We’re cooking up some good stuff here in Nashville

Here in Nashville, TN our weather is still Blissfully COOL and the market is heating up 🙂
In September, I opened a new firm named Pareto Realty and we’ve been creating ever since.
The one thing we believed from the beginning is that LOCAL BUSINESS MATTERS . . .
We believe that the REALTOR community has some great influence when it comes to supporting local businesses and communities.
SO . . .
I visioned an event in which REALTORS and Local business owners can gather to build relationships and tackle the tough economic issues we all face.
This event is happening May 5
www.nashvillerec.comThe Nashville Real Estate Consortium
We’re expecting 300 participants . . .
Why do I tell YOU about this (Heck, you might not even live in Nashville)?
Maybe you’ll think it’s a good idea and do it in YOUR community 🙂
Maybe you’ll wander down here May 5 and join us . . .
Maybe you’ll have a referral to or within the Middle TN area and think of Pareto Realty FIRST!
We are “The Vital Few” – The 20% of Pareto’s 20/80 principle . . . Performance oriented and chompin’ at the bit to SERVE clients and our community.
May our paths cross soon!
I wish you the best in 2011.
Just sayin’

Barry Owen
Principal Real Estate Broker
Pareto Realty, LLC
The Vital Few
102 Woodmont Blvd Suite 242
Nashville, TN 37205
Call me: 615-568-2123

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