Well . . . the Brochure says it’s FABULOUS!

Would you buy a house without ever having walked through it?


What if I were to tell you it’s the most BEAUTIFUL house on the planet, and I provided vibrant, glossy 8X10 photos of all the rooms . . . Would you buy it then?


How ’bout I provide you with testimonials from the prior owner and all of the neighbors?



You’re a hard sale!

They say a picture is worth a thousand words . . .

If so . . . perhaps seeing the real thing  . . . and smelling it . . . and touching it . . . and listening . . . and experiencing its vibe is worth a million words?

I think so!

Internet shopping is fun, but it ain’t the whole enchilada because Marketers know how to getcha. Those fancy cameras can turn a matchbox house into the Taj Mahal . . . and every room so large that it could be a racket ball court – and then you visit and feel so deflated because you were SO hopeful that THIS house would THE one for you.

AND when you DO find THAT house that just makes you giggle because it’s SO perfect for you and your family, are you ready NOW to buy it?

Who’s there to play “Devil’s Advocate” to keep you in check from the “Love at first sight” phenomenon that causes you to miss seeing the railroad track in the back yard or the crack house across the street or the fact that it’s really only 2 Bedrooms because the other 2 “bedrooms” in the listing are in the dungeon.

Is your financing lined up just waiting for an address? Do you have your downpayment nestled in it’s safe place (Bank Account) just waiting to be liberated?

Are things in order for leaving your current place? Will you need to sell it, or can you break your lease?


SO much to consider . . .

Pssst . . . Hire a REALTOR to represent you in your House purchase. Do this before you even start shopping on-line and sign an exclusive representation with that REALTOR because she’s going to guide you through this process and keep you out of harm’s way. She might even talk you out of buying a few houses because she KNOWS there’s a better one out there for you.

I beg of you . . . Don’t put the cart before before the horse when you’re thinking about buying a house.

Begin with finding a REALTOR you like and trust.

Of course . . , If you’re in the Nashville Area, Pareto Realty’s gotcha covered –  Just give us a ring.

Happy Hunting 🙂

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