Well . . . THAT was FUBAR and then it was FAB

Just because everyone around you says it’s a good idea, doesn’t mean it is . . .

They might be telling you what they think you want to hear.

How many “Get RICH Quickly” schemes in which you have invested gobs of time, energy, and money have fallen flat?

Those things “work” for a very small percentage of the people who buy into them.

See the first 2 lines of this post to learn the primary reason . . .

You’re looking for that magic pill, the secret sauce, that ancient family recipe that will make you rich and famous overnight.

Those who succeed are the ones who resolutely DO the plan consistently and persistently.

Here’s the twist . . . Buying that program is likely the catalyst you needed to get yourself off your butt and into appropriate action.

All of that success has been bottled up within you all these years, and you simply had not found your own personal corkscrew to uncork that bottle until you were ready.

All that program did for you is give you the fuel you needed to realize the potential that has laid fallow all these years.

You couldn’t get to this point until you experienced “enough” PAIN!

So . . . If you bought it and had great success, don’t blame your success on that program.

Take the credit you deserve.

YOU did this!

You took responsible for your own success and FINALLY committed to doing the right things consistently and persistently.

All that “program” did for you is pop that cork.

When you’re ready, it’ll happen quickly regardless of the means.

In some twisted way, today’s Http://Barrysdrivetime.com¬†speaks to this.

Happy Thursday!


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