Well – That digital experiment was entertaining

If you’re still playing the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) game, STOP!

The odds are VERY slim that you’ll be discovered as a result of the time, energy, and money you’re squandering.

Consider Seth Godin’s post this morning:

The Google tax

Here are a few enlightening highlights:

  • “The tax we each pay so that companies can bid against each other to buy traffic from Google.”
  • “They’ve become the internet’s landlord.”
  • “the model of bidding for attention is so economically compelling (because attention is so scarce), that companies are going to be paying ever more to reach people in this way–or allow their competitors to do so.”
  • “Google has made it ever more difficult for sites to be found, previously successful businesses like Groupon, Travelocity and Hipmunk suffer. As a result, new web companies are significantly harder to fund and build. If you’re dependent on being found in a Google search, it’s probably worth rethinking your plan.”
  • “Capitalism is an efficient system for surfacing and addressing the needs of consumers. But once it veers toward control over markets by a single entity, those benefits disappear.”

This jig is up!

So . . . NOW might be a GREAT time to remember something that many (most) REALTORS seem to forgotten (or never learned).

Real business is LOCAL!

Face-to-face Belly-to-belly good old-fashioned interaction and relationship building is the new (old) paradigm.

Give it a try!

Begin with the people closest to you. Rekindle authentic relationships . . . the ones you relegated to social media tags, mentions, likes, and clever memes.

The most compelling reason for adopting this new strategy is the happiness it will bring into this world.

A pleasing by-product is an increase in “organic lead generation” which provides people like you a steady flow of people like who by way of referrals.

I’m IN!

Are You?

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