Weathering the calm – Monday Morning Coffee

When the going is tough, the tough get going.

Those who wait until the weather gets rough before getting going have a high probability of becoming victims.

It’s what we do with our “down time” and our “smooth flow” that separates the “Tough who prevail” and the “victims who need saviors”.

When times are calm and good are the times to be gathering reserves and anticipating needs that might arise in the event the good fortune runs out and things turn South.

This creates the possibility of “responding” to sudden emergent issues and opportunities rather than relying on our instinctual reactive impulses.

Notice: I said: “sudden emergent issues and opportunities” . . .

It serves us well to be just as ready to respond to golden opportunities as we are to issues of catastrophic scale.

More about this in today’s Drive Time Video¬†Where you will also encounter plethora other videos recorded during my drive each morning from #owenhollow to #ParetoRealty.

Today marks a rekindling of “Monday Morning Coffee” . . . a weekly blog offered via email to my personal sphere of influence.

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Hope you have a great week!


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