We need some CULTURE around here!

All organizations have culture.

For some, it’s an intentional way of working and being that is based on carefully considered organization values, beliefs, and perspectives.

For others, culture is a jargon which shows up in an “in your face” way in the form of posters on the walls and rah rah team meetings . . . a coerced requirement which is to be learned by wrote by all employees to be regurgitated on demand in unison at all the right times.

Others plod along day in and day out – week in and week out – month in and month out – year after year with no reference to or consideration of their culture (Which clearly exists . . . by default).

My point is that EVERY organization has its own, unique culture/personality whether the leaders pay attention or not . . . and the culture of every organization is a driving force of the efficiency and profitability of the business.

Leaders have the choice to intentionally develop and foster a culture among all employees . . . a culture that stands for something meaningful for all thereby creating a “family”

This week, as part of an EONashville initiative, I had the rare treat of going behind the scenes of Dsiscovery Nashville  and hearing their perspective on building and indoctrinating a powerful culture which has resulted in astoundingly high retention and happiness and productivity of all 80ish of their employees. These folks have taken this to heart to the degree that they have a designated employee with the title “Culture Warrior” who is the keeper of the culture.

There was a brief moderated presentation followed by a long period of Q&A, and as I listened, I picked up on some nuances that convinced me that there is NO “plasticity” (fakeness) in the culture of this organization.

This notion was punctuated by the fact that the values, beliefs, and perspectives are pervasively yet subtly visible in virtually every nook and cranny in the office . . . yet there were very few visible references to “Culture” . . . Over time, the leaders of this organization have infused this culture in the current employees and carefully guarded the culture through very extensive (complicated) hiring practices to be as sure as they could be that any new hires would “get it” innately (already had it?).

So . . . my take-aways:

Is the culture of your organization accidental (by default), incidental (Plastic/token), or intentional (Authentic)?

Is this worth addressing? Is the hard work and effort of taking the time to consider your organization’s values, beliefs, and perspectives worth the potential reward of healthy culture?

When will you do this?

Much of this was validating for me as I build Pareto Realty because – well – I spent @ 3 months imagining and visioning what kind of real estate firm Pareto Realty would be before I moved forward with launching in 2010. For us . . . Everything is 80/20 . . . We always focus on the 20 (The Vital Few) knowing that which upon we focus expands . . . and we are in relentless pursuit of reducing the 80% (The trivial Many) to open the space to find a healthy flow in our personal and professional lives.

We are actively seeking high performing solo real estate sales professionals who are “Vital Few” niche experts in any and all sub-markets of Middle Tennessee . . . We have a suite of innovative tools and systems to help our agent members accomplishment higher success . . . with less effort. Connect with Barry to schedule a confidential appointment barry@paretorealtyllc.com

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