We close in 4 minutes!

Kroger Pharmacy Green Hills  showed me their corporate side last night.

@ 8:45 PM, we realized that we needed an important prescription refill before 8AM this morning (Leaving on a trip).

We did what most people would do . . . Called the Pharmacy to ask them to prepare the prescription so we could pick it up before they close. The guy who answered the phone sounded like he really did NOT want to talk to me, but he humored me.

I told him our dilemma and asked if he could fill the prescription and said that I would start driving that direction and could he wait for me?

His reply was: “We close in 4 minutes”

I said I was heading there and hoped that he would stay a few minutes extra for us? He said: “I’m gonna have to let you go.” and hung up.

I started driving and made it there in record time (8 minutes) . . . 9:08 . . . It didn’t look promising when I came through the doors – the pharmacy security doors were closed . . . and the pharmacist was GONE!

Disappointed – I changed our travel plans so as to be able to come back to Kroger when they open at 8.

this morning, we were there at 8 . . . the pharmacist showed up @ 8:10 and opened the gates . . . there lay our prescription on the countertop – the night guy had obviously filled the prescription and BOLTED out of the store the night before. He probably was going out one door while I was coming in another.


The message was clear . . . “When it’s closing time, we CLOSE regardless of your emergency.”

and . . . “We know the sign says we open at 8, but that’s only when it’s convenient for US.”

Be careful what you promise.

Don’t tell me you care and then refuse to serve me “outside of your job description” in my time of need.

Am I being too harsh?

Maybe so, but Kroger isn’t the only grocery store or pharmacy in Nashville (Even though they’ve bought their Harris Teeter competition).

It’s not as convenient, but maybe I’ll visit Publix more frequently . . . they seem to care more.

How much of what you do at work to please your customers is not in your job description?

If nothing . . . Do all of us a favor and find a job for which you have passion and CARE.

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  1. Kroger Green Hills has been my pharmacy forever. They always take care of me when I need them. Your story doesn’t compare with my experience with them . You must have hit a new person on a bad day.

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