We advise – they decide!

Bryant wrote a blog post that was featured in the Daily feed on ActiveRain – CONGRATS!

Whether Or Not We Have Multiple Offers Is None Of Your Business

Certainly, this is a timely and well written post . . . It comes on the very day I was sitting down to write a post about a similar topic . . .

being certain that we NEVER forget who we represent . . .

remembering that our CLIENT makes the decisions . . .

WE professionals manage the process.

Just as in the Military (or any “Chain of Command” relationship), our duty is carry out the Lawful orders/wishes of our Commander/Boss/Client.

We advise – they decide!

Often, this puts us in a weird light in the eyes of our colleagues.

Folks begin to wonder if we (the REALTORS) are duplicitous, dishonest, psychotic, dyslexic, stupid, or just plain mean-spirited . . . and the first thought in many folks’ minds is:


There’s ALWAYS a “backside” . . . EVERYONE has a story and a History of experience humming along in the background.

Buying or selling a house is more than a financial transaction for most people. There are “stressors” which may cause even the most reasonable tempered folks do strange things.

Don’t ever discount the emotional toll of this process.

This very moment in the Nashville, TN market, we are experiencing a market shift in many areas from “Buyer to Seller Market” . . . Prices are rising and multiple offer scenarios are a daily occurence.

Many Buyers miss out on Buying opportunities because they are still acting like they hold all the cards.

Market shifts are ALWAYS happening . . .

Emotional nuances are ALWAYS present . . .

Most REALTORS are ALWAYS doing what they’ve been hired to do . . . Represent the best interests of their clients.


Let’s be gentle with each other . . .

no name calling . . .

more seeking to understand.

Thank you for a great, though-provoking post Bryant.




Whether Or Not We Have Multiple Offers Is None Of Your Business


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