Water will always find a way – Monday Morning Coffee

Monsoon in Nashville seems to have ended . . . for now.

WOW! We have seen a LOT of rain in the past week, and all of the creeks, rivers, ponds, and lakes are VERY full.

I’ve even heard some folks reminiscing the famous flood of 2010 and wondering if this might be a repeat.

Having been an Army Combat Engineer for 12 years, I have a lot of first hand experience of the power of water . . . especially when there’s LOTS of it.

My most memorable experience was in the jungle of Panama. Our mission was to provide floating bridge (M4T6) assets in support of a larger unit which was building “permanent” timber (Native Mahogany) trestle bridges alongside . . .

Everything was cruising along as planned until . . .

Monsoon arrived, and we were just completing a bridge at the mouth of a river.

After a week of torrential rains, the water from upstream seemed to arrive at our location overnight effectively tripling the width of the river and sending both the “Permanent” and our floating bridge out to sea.

Water is powerful, and it will always find it’s way over, under, or through any obstacle we humans create.

How strong is your will?

How committed are you to reaching your goals?

Are you willing to focus on getting there with the same resolve as water?

After all . . . Water did carve the Grand Canyon . . .

What will you accomplish when you adopt this mindset?

I can already see it vividly – your veritable flood of success seeming to show up out of nowhere and overnight.

When people ask you how you got to where you are so fast and effortlessly, you need only respond:



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