Watch your tongue if you want me to work with you!

How do you like it when you encounter one of those “Experts” who talks about 8 feet over your head with fancy “Trade Jargon?”

Doctors do it all the time . . . a simple headache can suddenly become a multisyllabic ailment that you might think is cause for hospitalization,

Your eyes glaze over as the Geek in the Computer store WOWS you with her vast technical vocabulary when all you really want to know is if the machine is powerful enough to surf the net.

The Auto Sales guy rifts along with myriad exotic/exclusive features and capabilities which sure sound like a vast differentiation from the competition, but you haven’t a CLUE as to how these fancy features will improve YOUR experience.

Our 5th grader comes home with homework assignments riddled with “teacher-speak” that makes a simple project sound like a full fledged Doctoral Dissertation . . . or names a “box” an “Equilateral Polygon”


This is the kind of stuff “Experts” do TO us normal folks . . . and if they’re not careful, we’ll shut down and run away to find an expert who speaks plain English.

I’m betting that EVERYONE reading this post is an “Expert” at SOMETHING.

Who do you serve?

When you’re interacting with your customers/clients, do you speak their language or yours?

Amongst peers, let it all hang out . . . fluff your feathers and bedazzle them with your vernacular prowess.

For everyone else, dumb it down for us . . . Please?

PS – We in the Real Estate sales industry are notorious for slinging our vocabulary about the place with little regard for others’ ability to understand . . . and boy do WE have some fancy acronyms. Just get a couple of us together and ask us:

“How’s the market?”

Then turn your ears off and nod your head occasionally 🙂

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